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About Us

On the ground or on your roof Bullseye Balloons can increase your company’s visibility.

We are the Nation’s premier balloon and spotlight provider. We offer large balloons, searchlights, dancing guys, floating promotions, banners, flags, pennants and a variety of other eye-catching advertising pieces. Browse our store by the product type or visit our product galleries to get some ideas as to what might work for you.

In addition to balloons, spotlights, flags and the other items we mentioned above we offer our revolving 360 Auto Displays. If you’ve ever noticed a car displayed on a rotating platform, you can understand the value of what the 360 Auto Display does. In the automotive industry, it’s all about impressions and the presentation of the vehicles that dealerships sell. The 360 Auto Display is a proven sales tool that helps build foot traffic (also known in the automotive industry as ‘Ups’) and increase sales. Its eye-catching motion helps draw the attention of the drivers passing by-- BETTER THAN A BILLBOARD!!!

We’ve been in this business for quite a while and we have a great understanding of what works and what doesn’t. If you would like to get some advice as to what might work best for your situation and location please do not hesitate to give us a call or contact us via our contact page. We’ll offer some thoughts and suggestions for your unique needs.